Wine is known as a delicacy amongthe people who prefer to drink alcohol. Here not only the consumption matters but its availability and storage matters equally. The way wine is stored has now become a status symbol amongst the high-class society. The basic problem for such collectors who have hundreds and thousands of wine bottles is how to create an ideal environment for the storage of such a huge number of bottles?

The answer to the same lies in Wine cellars. A wine cellar is a fancy storage facility which has the capacity to store any number of wine bottles as per the need of the user where it also acts like a refrigerator to keep the internal temperature intact for the wine to stay good. To maintain the ideal temperature, a cooling system is also installed which maintains the requisite temperature irrespective of any weather conditions outside. These racks not only help in organizing the wine bottles perfectly but also provide a classy look to the interior of the house. These wine cellar racks come in all shapes and sizes, and this review promises to be completely extensive by:

  • Defining the different types of racks
  • Material used in different racks
  • Choosing the apt wine rack
  • Providing customer reviews on different racks

I hope that you will be more informed about all the different racks so you can make a good and sound judgment of what kind of rack will suit the needs of the readers.

Wine cellar racks

Basic things to know about wine cellar racks

  • Styles of wine racks- Wine cellar racks come in all sizes, shapes and styles. The type of rack a person needs depends totally upon his/ her use and collection of the wine bottles. Some of the other features that make a difference are the climatic conditions and the location of the place of storage as well.

These styles include the Table Top rack which can be classified as a compact and equally attractive style with the ability to hold a case of wines. On the other hand, the modular/component racks completely open a new window when it comes to style and taking things to a whole new level. These modular racks not only provide a stylish look to the interiors of the house but also have the holding capacity of much more bottles than a table top rack.

  • Type of material they are made of- Wine cellar racks are usually made of a number of materials such as wood, plastic, metal, stainless steel or wrought iron. But, the best work is usually made from wood as it not only keeps the traditional and authentic look alive but also gives the house more of a natural look.

Different kinds of racks

Basically, there are a number of different types of racks, and further, each kind also has an endless variety of both shapes and sizes which can be selected on the basis of one’s need and preference. But how a person wants the wine displayed and where they aim to put their wine rack will determine which type of a wine cellar rack is suitable for them. Some of the types are as illustrated:

  • Wooden Wine Rack for Wall- These types of racks are preferred by people who do not have a large collection of wine. This design fulfils two purposes at the same time, one is of holding wine which often becomes secondary and second is that of adding onto some extra decoration to the artwork of the wall of the house. Usually, this type of wine cellars are smaller in size because the more weight one adds to such designs the more is the risk of them falling so, they hold between 4 to 12 bottles at maximum.  While buying wall-mounted racks, a consumer should keep in mind the sturdiness and the quality of the job done on it.
  • Countertop Wine Rack- These racks are just as their name sounds, i.e. fits on the countertop. Therefore, like wall-mounted racks, they tend to be smaller in size as well, so that they fit on the kitchen counter or table or any space without causing any problem. Still, they have a higher holding capacity than wall mounted racks. Their capacity ranges between 40-50 bottles depending upon the space. They are preferred all around the world because they can fit anywhere and also are easily accessible. These racks also save the floor space of a house.
  • Wine Cellar Racks in Floor-They are similar to the Countertop wine racks and can also be placed at any place which is suited to the owner, but there are certain floor racks which get a bit bigger in size. Such racks are exclusively designed to be placed on the floor. These racks usually have the holding capacity of more than 100 bottles. This is the category of wine rack which is preferred by collectors who like collecting wine bottles.
  • Hidden Wine Cellar Rack-One of the modern types of racks includes the wine rack which is hidden or has some special access which is not possible to access otherwise. These can further vary depending upon the needs of the party. These can either be hidden in the floor or have a secret door to it which is not accessible to everybody. These racks have aunique entry which is granted to few only by using a clever and high tech method which is equally loved and appreciated by the wine enthusiasts. These can carry bottles depending on the size but, certainly ranging more than 50.

Factors to consider while buying a wine rack

Though, the type of wine rack totally depends upon the needs of the buyer and not too dependent upon other factors but, certainly these factors should be kept in mind while buying any kind of wine cellar rack as it helps in identifying the best as per the needs. These factors are:

  • Size and Capacity- The rack a person buys shall at least have the capacity to fit in the space the buyers want it to and also hold the quantity of bottles, the buyer wants to store. If the buyer wants to collect a huge number of bottles and keep growing it, then he requires the space accordingly. But if the plan is otherwise, then any smaller design can be selected from the different types as illustrated above. The buyer should also keep in mind the size of bottles that he/ she wants to store. Usually, the bottles are also of standard size, but if you want to buy champagne, Bordeaux or a magnum- sized bottle, then you also need the wine rack which can accommodate the different sizes and shapes of the bottles.
  • Look- Most of the wine cellar racks not only hold the wine bottles but also add to the appeal of the house and the place where they are kept. Racks also come in a number of different colour combinations, designs and patterns which not only adds to the elegance of the house but also provide a rustic look accordingly. A perfect style can be browsed upon by looking at different imagesand pictures to make up one’s mind.
  • Material-As stated above, that wine racks are made of a number of materials. The type of rack one chooses can be based on his/ her needs. The racks made of wood usually give a more traditional look and are available in earthy colours. Whereas, on the other hand racks made of metal typically are available in black and silver colour and they give a modern look to the place. There is not much choice when it comes to selecting the perfect wine cellar rack; it basically depends upon the personal preference of the buyer and also the place where it will go.
  • Cost- One of the most important factors in determining the type of wine cellar rack is the cost involved with it. The larger racks having huge capacity can be very expensive, i.e. ranging over $1000 whereas a small wine rack with a simple design can cost so little as $10 as well. The racks are available in this huge price range depending upon the capacity and design of the wine rack. The buyer needs to understand its needs and pocket and then, choose what suits him/ her best accordingly.
  • Extras- Besides the racks, some companies also offer extra stuff alongside the wine cellar rack. These can include things like offer cabinet or some accessories which provide for drawing offthe wine. These additional accessories may attract some and might not be a material of interest for the rest. So, it again depends upon the personal preference of the person.

Some popular wine rack brands

Going with the increasing popularity of the wine racks among wine lovers, many people have selected designing the wine racks as their careers. There is endless variety when it comes to wine rack brands which can often confuse the buyer so, they need to narrow down a few brands based on the style and reputation of the brand. So, to make it easier here is the summary of the brands which has been derived at after looking through a number of reviews:

  • 2 Day Design- This brand is known to make wine racks with some of the most elegant designs suitable for many styles depending on the types of households. Here, the customers have usually talked about their pieces looking so amazing and also inspiring conversations amongst friends. Though, some have also complained about the parts being poorly made but,the majority of them are happy with the craftsmanship of the designs created by the company.
  • Brayden Studio- This brand is famous for its variety but, especially for its variety in Wall Mount and Tabletop wine racks which have been reviewed on top by the customers of the company. They have highly praised the variety in designs and difference of pieces when it comes to basic style and modern and artistic styles. Overall, the customers of the company have shown a pleased response to their purchases. They have also pointed out information about the sturdiness and looks of the pieces and highlighted the fact that they are very easy to install as well.
  • Oceanstar- They are known for being different from other brands when it comes to the material of the wine racks. Oceanstar is well known for its bamboo wine racks which are not only stylish and popular among the customers but, are also acclaimed to have high quality and also reviewed to be easily installable. They also provide for different types of wine cellar racks depending upon the needs of the consumer. The reviews of the brand clearly show that the customers of the brand are equally happy of both the types which prove that Oceanstar is very much a reliable brand which the customers can go to for wine cellar racks.
  • Sorbus-Sorbus provides for wine racks which have a very simple design which most of the customers look for these days. These racks have been reviewed to be used for storing other things than wine as well which includes towels etc. The reviews for the brand show a mixed response when it comes to the quality and also that the customers usually complain about the wine rack not being sturdy which can be a huge hindrance for any customer.
  • Spectrum- This brand deals with two types of racks only, i.e. countertop and under counter wine cellar racks. The brand deals with relatively simple and straightforward designs with somewhat of decorative material. The customers have highly praised the looks of the wine racks for both being functional and attractive at the same time.

  • Vinotemp-Vinotemp deals with racks that are simple but have an equally stylish design. Though, the brand still does not have as many reviews as the other brands but still, the few reviews that were there show a positive response towards the wine cellar racks. The looks of the racks have been highly praised by the customers for both being functional and attractive at the same time.
  • Jysk Wine Racks-One of the leading companies in producing home furnishings, Jysk also makes stellar wine racks that are created with “Scandi Style” in focus: minimalism, elegance, functionality and simplicity. Like all the products of the company, their uniquely designed wine racks have received much love from the customers.
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