Vending machines are pieces of technology that have been around for many years and provides a diverse array of items in a convenient manner. These include cigarettes, snacks, drinks and lottery tickets. You can find vending machines in many establishments, which can provide different services. In today’s time, there are more customized vending machines available worldwide. However,sometimes these automated machines will malfunction, leaving you frustrated and angry. Luckily, there are many hacks and tips available to use so that you are able to get the drinks, snacks, and retribution that you rightly deserve.

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  1. Vending Machine History
  2. Vending Machine Design
  3. Vending Machine in Japan
  4. Snack Vending Machine Hack
  5. How to Hack a Vending Machine to Get Money

Vending Machine History

The vending machine has been around from the 1st century Roman Egypt which was created to dispense holy water in the exchange of gold coins. Following this, a next vending machine was created to serve the patrons of the local tavern in London by serving tobacco for a price.

These builds were thought of as more ancient and the earliest modern automated vending machine was found in the 1880s, London. They served the purpose of dispensing products that were very useful to the train stations and post offices such as envelopes, postcards, and even newspapers. The first company to handle the installation and maintenance of vending machines were The Sweetmeat Automatic Delivery Company and afterward, in the 1890s, a German manufacturer started building vending machines to dispense delicious chocolates to their customers.

Eventually, he broadened his stock and started dispensing other products too. By 1888, the concept of the vending machine had moved to the US where it was used to sell gum and it gradually developed with the thought of adding games, snacks, drinks and so forth. This was where its popularity grew.

Vending Machine Design

After, understanding the history behind the vending machine, it is fair to say that it has come a long way. This also applies to its design. There are usually two types of access routes for customers to achieve the product that it is selling. It can either allow them to unlock a door or drawer or it can have an automatic release that allows the product to fall into an area where the customer can attain it. These would both be unlocked upon payment first of course. The latter is the design concept that is recognizable to most persons.

An example of a vending machine with an automatic release system would be the standard snack or drink vending machine. This mechanism allows the customer to press a button,choosing which snack they would like and enter the adequate amount of money. The machine would then release the snack to fall into an open slot where the customer can grab it and go. This type of design is very popular with different kinds of commodities in them such as drinks, candy, games, snacks, andeven books.

An example of the other designs would be the newspaper vending machine where all of the newspapers are stacked in the device and upon paying, the customer may open the box, retrieve a newspaper and close it back. A downside to this, however, is that a customer could be able to take more than the amount he paid, hence leaving none for other paying customers. Also if one is careless and doesn’t close the box properly, it allows others the ability to simply open it and take one without paying and so a machine like this usually has to be monitored carefully.

Vending Machine in Japan

The vending machine is very popular and widely used in Japan. Japan has the most vending machines in the world and there is said to be at least one on every street and one per 23 persons.Which is a very impressive statistic! The variety is also an aspect that adds to the astonishment of Japan’s vending machines as it ranges from snacks to coffee to soup to umbrellas to many more. There are many factors of Japan that contribute to why there are so many vending machines in the country such as:

1. Labour and its Cost

It is known that Japan has an aging population and declining birth rate. Their immigration rate is also low and so its labor is limited and the cost is high. Vending machines are a cheaper alternative comparedto hiring employees to run the store. Also, it provides much quicker and easier access to goods and services for everyone.

2. High Population Density

Japan has a high population of approximately 130 million and a very busy, on-the-go atmosphere. Therefore, the use of vending machines is greatly appreciated as it provides convenience for people to grab what they need and go.

3. Low Crime Rate

Due to the fact that Japan has the lowest crime rates in the world, vending machines are scarcely broken into or stolen despite having large amounts of money in them and being located in dark alleys and corners.The vending machines do however have a surveillance and security system that can contact the police department immediately in case of any break-in or robbery.

4. Their Strong Interest in Technology

Japan is also known for the amount of high tech technology created there and how its society is heavily centered around technology. Many gadgets and devices were drafted and manufactured in Japan, hence the easy gravitation of its people to vending machines. The vending machine is a technological alternative to retail stores that provides ease and comfort, as any technology should.

5. They are A Cash-Based Society

Whereas the United States of America economy is mostly based on the use of the debit and credit card for payment, the Japanese economy fosters the use of cash to pay for their goods and services. Which is why the vending machine is perfect. Instead of going to the ATM, withdrawing cash and returning to the vending machines to make their purchase, most Japanese will already have cash available. Moreover,a lot of stores and retailers in Japan do not accept cards except for the major chains. Also, their coins are made with a lot of currency on them such as 50, 100 and 500 yen.

The whole concept of the vending machine is very beneficial to Japan as it can provide everything that they need. Also, it is very convenient in the fact that it is quick and easy and it uses coins which they always have available.

Snack Vending Machine Hack

There are many hacks out there on how to retrieve your snack without paying. Even though its efficiency is greatly appreciated, it is still a machine and, naturally, machines may malfunction at times resulting in your money being taken without you receiving your snack. This is very unfortunate and annoying at times. Luckily, persons who have felt the same pain have devised many ways to gain what they lost or cheat the system. However, bear in mind that this is still stealing hence it is illegal. Therefore, you are liable for any repercussions that may come your way. With that being said, what are the hacks that you can use to receive the snack that you already paid for?

1. Conveyor Belt (Coca Cola Machine)

This hack will allow you to get a free soda by inserting your money and selecting the drink you want. Hold on, before you say that doesn’t make sense, please keep on reading.As you get the drink, simply push against the door of the machine which will confuse it and it will proceed to return your money giving you a refund, while also providing the drink that you ‘paid’ for. In fact, if you want, you can keep re-entering your money and pressing against the door toreceive as many sodas as your heart desires.

2. Set Your Own Price

If you’re more of a Pepsi lover, this the perfect hack for you.Seeing the title, you’re probably wondering how is that this hack is impossible. Well, it is very possible with the help of simple and easy code. Simply enter the code 42313214321and set your price to $0.00 and then select the drink that you wish to ‘pay’ for.

3. Fake Coin

This is a simple yet risky one, however, it is still worth a try. Using a foil paper or electrical tape and a smaller coin such as a penny, you can pad the coin with the foil or tape so that it resembles a bigger coin and enter the ‘coins’ into the machine to pay and retrieve your snack. This can also be used without the coin with just paper or cardboard which is in the shape of a coin of your choice.

4. Free Nesquik Drink Code

If you are in need of cool and refreshing chocolate milk and there is a coin operated Nesquik machine nearby, this is the hack for you. Enter the code 44455544455and select the drink that you desire. This will result in your thirst being quenched by a lovely free drink. With older models of vending machines, try the code 137137137. Hope you are lucky!

5. Take-Your-Cash-Back Method

You can’t talk about vending machine hacks without mentioning the oldest trick in the book. For this, you will need tape and your paper money. Place a piece of the tape on one side of the money and enter the other side into the machine’s slot. Now you will have to be quick with this one. As soon as the machine registers the amount entered and before the drink has fallen, pull out the money using the tape. You will have retrieved your money and your drink, therefore, getting a free drink.

How to Hack a Vending Machine to Get Money

As stated before we have all fallen victim to a tricky and malfunctioning machine before so it’s understandable if you want justice. Also, let’s be honest who doesn’t want free money. These are some hacks that will allow you to get free money from vending machines so give them a try at your own risk.

1. Get Free Change Code

Yes, there is a code, whichwhen entered willgive you change from the machine. Just enter 432112311 and hold down the change button and listen to all your new money rain down. This method could give you up to $15.

2. Take-Your-Cash-Back Method

I know, you’re probably saying this method again? Yes, it can be used to get free change as well. When you enter the money with the tape attached to it, wait until the machine registers the amount. As soon as it has done this press the change button and retrieve the paper money using the tape. You now have your original money and the change from the machine. You can try this as often as you want.

Vending machines have been a part of our lives for a long time however they still have a far way to go. With these hacks, when a vending machine has taken your money without giving you what you paid for, you can seek your revenge in whichever way you deem fit.Whether you want a free product or free money, it is really up to you.We have all experienced hunger and thirst with no money so these hacks are also to help you through those times.Hopefully, they will satisfy these needswhile also helping you to get what you want out of the vending machine. Remember there are risks that are associated with these hacks, so use at your own discretion. Also, not all hacks will work, depending on the model and build of the vending machine, but feel free to give them all a try. With that being said, all the best!

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