Best Epoxy Resin for Wood

It is safe to say that properly laminated material is a sight for sore eyes. In modern society, it has become the norm to add a special coating to materials such as wood, concrete, piping connections, and many others.  Apart from the aesthetic appeal of coating these materials, hence providing them an exceptional sheen, there are many benefits that you can gain from choosing this option. The benefits include increasing the durability and strengthening of the material. This will help to increase its resistance to harmful chemicals, radiation such as ultraviolet rays and heat. Hence, allowing the material to last you a lifetime. This special product is known as epoxy resin and it possesses all those desired qualities and possibly more. If you don’t know where to where to begin looking for the best coating for your wood furniture, this article is here to help. Here is the best epoxy resin for wood.

Best epoxy resin for wood
  1. Perfectly Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin

Price: $79.45

This epoxy resin is suitable for those who are looking for that perfect mirror-like shine that will never yellow and can also withstand quite a beating. If you want the best epoxy resin for wood, this is no doubt a considerable candidate. This material is very easy to use by following the simple instructions that accommodate it, which makes it very user-friendly. Due to this feature, it is also a great start as a DIY project since it does not leave any bubbles, small craters, and fish eyes. These easily rob the coated wooden top of his beauty and elegance. The crystal clear epoxy resin can be used rather efficiently as not much is required to get the job done. Therefore, you can also opt to use it on multiple occasions. Consider using this epoxy resin on your bar tops and counters, whether for your home, restaurant or bar. Furthermore, the epoxy resin comes with self-leveling technology.  Try this resin on any type of wood of your choice and enjoy the beautiful results.


  • Superior durability
  • Easy to use and apply for DIY projects
  • Odorless and no strong fumes
  • Glossy glass finish
  • Ultraviolet damage proof
  • Stain-free
  • Self-leveling technology
  • Little bubbles and craters are formed in the resin


  • May take a very long time to properly set and dry
  • If the instructions are not followed correctly, the mix may have an undesirable result.
  • Tends to run on vertical surfaces due to its fluidity
  1. Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin

Price: $99.95

Another noteworthy option on the best epoxy resin for wood list is the clear casting and coating epoxy resin. As the name suggests, this product can adequately cast and coat different materials such as wood to give it the specific finished product look your heart desires. The customer does not need to worry if the product is legit as the creators, Art N’ Glow have tested it multiple times to make sure that it lives up to its name. This epoxy resin may be thicker than the other epoxy resins on the market but this can only assure you that it will provide a heavier coating for the wood. A Clear Casting and Coating also provides an illuminated coating for glow in the dark purposes as well. And is well suited for other bright and colorful craft pigments such as acrylic paints. The functions of this epoxy resin reach beyond the coating of tables and bars. It can also be used to enclose objects, create and craft resin paintings and coat jewelry and sculptures. The epoxy resin can also be spray painted for easy application or fun and creative ideas.


  • Lasts you a long time
  • Odorless and no strong fumes
  • Self- leveling as well as self- degassing capabilities
  • Resistant to adverse yellowing from UV- rays
  • Considerably easy to rid the mix of bubbles so that it won’t be a part of the coating.
  • Can be spray-painted
  • Many functions such as creative art ideas
  • Ample time to work with the epoxy resin before it dries
  • Glow in the dark


  • Not very hard when set
  • Susceptible to bubbles in the mix.
  • Maybe too thick for some users
  1. Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin

Price: $137.45

This is presented as one of the clearest epoxy resin on the market today. It is advertised that this product works faster than its other epoxy resin counterparts. This may be the best epoxy resin for wood one can find. The price range is a testament to the great product that you will receive and if it is within your budget, it is best to consider it. The crystal clear epoxy resin is perfect for laminating the wood of your choice and is also good for DIY projects.  If you choose to use the epoxy resin for different DIY projects then you will save money in the process. The different DIY projects that you can consider include laminating tabletops and countertops and even wood art. It is important to remember that the ambient temperature has a lot to play in the outcome when applied. The product also comes with impressive features such as being ultraviolet resistant, possessing great air release and stabilization of the color of the epoxy resin. Again, it will protect your wooden furniture from damage and harm while also improving its appearance.


  • Very fast curing of the epoxy resin (48hrs)
  • Improved impact strength and beautiful surface appearance
  • More UV- protection than the other epoxy resins.
  • Produces an exceptionally clear finish
  • Great for different home improvement projects
  • Easy application since detailed instructions is provided.


  • More expensive than most epoxy resins
  • If kept in the sun too long, it will get yellow
  1. Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin One Gallon Kit/ MAS Tabletop Pro

Price: $64.99

If you are looking for a relatively cheap yet high-quality epoxy resin, you have found it. At just $64.99, one can expect this epoxy resin to be ultra- clear, dependable and produces a beautiful, high- gloss coating. With over 25 years of producing one of the best epoxy resins, MAS, the manufacturers behind this product, are rather confident that you will feel safe choosing them to take on your next DIY project. Also, this product is sold worldwide and takes great pride in being one of the clearest epoxy resins available for purchase. No need to worry about UV radiation since this epoxy resin is completely resistant to any damage. This may be the best epoxy resin for wood as this can give the appearance of 50 coats of varnishing with just one pour. Another remarkable feature is that on drying, the epoxy resin stays true to its crystal-clear finish. The absence of bubbles and clear formations is a feature that many customers praise, in addition to the beauty of the finished product.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Abrasion and ultraviolet resistant
  • Package includes spreader and brush that helps in the application process
  • The mix takes approximately 24 hrs to harden
  • Ultra- clear glossy finish
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Little to no bubbles, craters and other clear formations that will mar its beauty


  • The mix must be exact in order to produce the best-laminated finish
  •  Several bubbles may appear in the mix
  • A very light fluid which means the mix may run off some tabletops and other surfaces
  1. Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear 8 oz Kit

Price: $17.95

With this epoxy resin, you can expect a super glossy finish that leaves you content. Additionally, there is protection against scratches, stains, ultraviolet radiation, and humidity when it is applied to wood, stone, metal and many other surfaces. This is a huge advantage especially for an epoxy resin that is only priced for the reasonably low price of $17.95. East Coast Resin, the skilled manufacturers for this product, have placed considerable care into ensuring its customers are assisted at each step of the process, by including detailed instructions in every package. Not to mention, the curing process of this epoxy resin is rather quick and efficient. Therefore, this will save you a lot of time as the process will only take a little over a day. The self-leveling feature is always a wanted aspect of an epoxy resin and this product possesses it as well. So, no need to worry about clumpy, unleveled spreads.If you wish, to sand and shape the resin, that option is also available which will improve the beauty of the epoxy resin, but also add your creative twist to it. With all these features, it is fair to say that this epoxy resin deserves a spot on the best epoxy resin for wood list.


  • The curing process is 24 hours or less
  • Crystal clear, glossy finish
  • Odorless and no strong fumes
  • Self- leveling so no clumpy finishes
  • Water, stain and scratch resistant


  • Chances that it may not cure properly
  • Overpricing issue when the cost is looked at per ounce
  • May have bubbles, craters, and other clear formations

What is now left to be answered is which product is the best epoxy resin for wood for you. All these products have similar things to offer and minor flaws which is a common factor amongst many factory- made materials. It is important to weigh the pros and cons so that you can choose a product to suit your own personal needs. Keep in mind the minute details so that you do not make the mistake of purchasing something that will leave you unsatisfied. However, without a doubt, these items are the best epoxy resin for wood, so these are exceptional choices that will leave you happy and content. Tackle any home improvement or a DIY project with style with the best epoxy resin for wood.

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